Friday, 17 February 2012


One day a long long day ago I went into the Jingle with my trusty little guide.
he was named Winston Mandooloo after his Father Winston Mandooloo III.

Had trouble with the vines so I said,  "Winston get out your sharpened meshersmitt and cut our way outta here."  This he did with great vinegar, until we approached a cops admist the Jingle.  In the open ground
Winston said knowledgly,  "Look a lump of water sitting on the ground."
"How remarkabubble."  I answered.
"I suppose you picked up theys obserbunsies from your Father Mandooloo III?"
"No Mr Singystoven, from Mandooloo II."  said Winston looking rather stupid with self.

In the middle of the lump of water stood a one legged flamenco dancer in a pink suit.  I shouted to him,
"Do you know the Pass-a-Dulblea?"  But he was not very depressed.

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